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We make you look stylish in all occasions

How would you like to dress up as your favourite superhero for your next costume party? Would you like to play a historical character or a heroic figure from a mythology epic? Klassiccostumes is the one-stop shop for all your costuming needs.

We know how difficult it can be to find just the right costume for a particular occasion. And usually, these costumes are just too costly to buy, or buying them seems like an unnecessary expense when you only need them once or twice. So what is the solution? Renting the dresses from Klassiccostumes of course!

Whether it be a dance event, a theme-party, a fancy dress competition or just a night out on the town, never feel unprepared with our huge selection of costumes that enhance and endorse your personality. Your kids will love it when they can play Batman or Spiderman in a dress competition. And the smiles on their faces will be worth every penny. And if you need to dress up in that perfect folk outfit for a traditional event, we have just what you need.

We offer costumes on rent in all of the following categories

  • Folk and traditional dance costumes (Bhangra, Koli, Garba, Dandiya, Dogra, Bihu and many more)
  • Stylish and trendy costumes for Western Dances
  • The latest fashion trends for Filmy Dances
  • Popular advertising costumes (Colgate, Mcdonald's, Cola, Ice-creams and many more)
  • Costumes representing places around the world (Brazil, France, Greece, Italy etc)
  • A wide selection of Animal, Bird, Insect and Reptile costumes
  • Fruit and Flower costumes
  • Cartoon characters and superheroes (Batman, Spiderman, Scooby Doo, Tom & Jerry, Shinchan, Bob the Builder etc)
  • All characters from the Ramayan and the Mahabharata (Ram, Lakshman, Ravan, Duryodhan, Arjun, Shree Krishna and many more)
  • Historical Characters (Shivaji, Mangal Pandey, Afzalkhan, Tipu Sultan, Veer Savarkar and many more)
  • Freedom fighters and National Leaders
  • Indian Regional and Classical Dance Costumes
  • People in everyday life (Hawaldar, Inspector, Postman, Nurse, Pilot etc)
  • Saints and religious personalities (Sant Tukaram, Mother Teresa, Nun, Jain Sadhvi, Sant Gyaneshwar etc)

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